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A complete bathroom, kitchen and house renovation solution centre, Potters is one of the most popular renovation services in Australia.

What sets us apart from the rest of the competition is the sheer variety of renovation options that we provide at quotes that work for you!

Why Choose Us?

Potter’s Bathroom and Kitchen Centre is one of the most popular home and bathroom renovation solutions in Australia.

Providing a wide variety of home improvement solutions, Potters has quickly gained fame as a result of their expert craftsmanship and the ability to work effectively with any space.

2008 & 2009 HIA Victorian Kitchen & Bathroom AWARD Winner

Our expertise at transforming spaces into masterpieces was also recognised at the HIA Victorian Kitchen & Bathroom Awards where we won the award based on the innovation, construction, and design that we managed to deliver.

Held in the highest regard, this prestigious award was then rewarded to us again the very next year due to our consistent performance.

HIA Award Winner 2008 & 2009
Master Builders

Master Builder

Our experts don’t only have the skills and experience that enable them to deliver world class quality solutions, but also technical training from the Master Builders Association.

This prestigious title is only awarded to those with the highest level of skill in the market.



Master Plumber

In addition, we also have an in-house Master Plumber as recognised by the MPMSAA. These licensed and registered individuals deliver only the highest quality of services.

Having officially recognised skills and expertise, we ensure that we deliver top-notch quality products and services to our customers.

Milestone Certificate

Potter’s Bathroom and Kitchen Centre been presented with his 30 year certificate as a member of Master Plumbers.

Master Plumbers

Registered Building Practitioner (DBU & CBL)

We are also registered with the Victorian Building Association, which allows us to work closely with officials when it comes to handling the paperwork associated with construction.

Whether you need a building permit or simply require assistance in filling out the necessary paperwork, we help you every step of the way. Our professionals are registered under the following;

  • DBU (Domestic Building Unlimited) 15358

This means that we are Licensed Builders authorized to do any type of Domestic Building Work.

  • CBL (Commercial Builder Limited) 37465

This means that we are licensed to undertake any kind of Commercial Building Work and Build any low-rise commercial building.

Registered Building Practioner

Get in Touch!

Our project management skills and expertise and the establishment of open lines of communication ensures that your renovation needs are taken care of with complete transparency.

If you want to receive a quote and discuss what can be done with your space, feel free to call us at (03) 9336 3555 or via our Contact page.


Contact Potter's Bathroom & Kitchen Centre today on (03) 9336 3555 to discuss with our team of designers how we can help you realise your dream bathroom, kitchen, laundry or home renovation.

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