Kitchen Planning Process

Kitchen renovation may be your concern, but don’t worry, we at Potters Bathroom & Kitchen Center may provide you many solutions for this. Both for large or small, we have many plans and designs ready for our customers. The designs may be categorised shape wise or design wise, whatever is your priority you may choose the kitchen design and plan accordingly. Here we have described both type of design plans for you. On the basis of this discussion you may choose plan of your choice.

Kitchen Plan & Design by SHAPE

1. Small Kitchen

You may have got a super designed kitchen, even in smaller areas by choosing best fittings and intelligently design plan. For this you by yourself firstly identify all lacking and shortcomings of your present kitchen design and think about an optional better design.

For this you may replace a floor radiator by plinth or under floor heater, as they occupy smaller space comparatively. If you have separate appliances for washing and drying the pots, then you may replace them by single appliance, having both functionalities. A kitchen wall may also be removed to give it a spacious look.

2. Down One Wall Kitchen

For a non spacious and narrow kitchen a single line of units with a long worktop and open shelves may utilise full of available space smartly. Shelves may be open, close or of both types, even open shelves give it a light and airy look. Instead of expanding more on the shelves you may opt a bit expensive quartz granite and stone worktops.

3. Gallery Kitchen

Usually Gallery kitchens have two sided units, divided by a common corridor. You may have a better and spacious look Gallery kitchen, by considering some points like you may choose a corridor of minimum 1.4 m length. Sink, cooker and fridge can be placed triangularly spaced, for food preparation worktop may be placed next to the hob.

4. Hideaway Kitchen

This design is introduced by Europeans, this design is best suited for those who have a small space and a small budget. For clearer view good lighting is an must, for this you may use directional spot lights which fall on both units and cooking areas. Hideaway kitchens are generally streamlined, so all appliances must also be hidden. For proper ventilation a hidden hood may be chosen.

5. Kitchen Island

You may opt a kitchen design, which is designed around Kitchen Island. For this you will have to arrange all things at right and exact place. This is an open kitchen design, in which along, with space of appliances, there is also seating space at breakfast bar.

6. U-Shaped Kitchen

In U shaped kitchen design there may be offered square edged worktop, open shelves may be used optionally, which may be used to display crockery or glasswares. In U shaped kitchens Zebrano wood may also be used to give them a lively look and feel.


1. Country Cottage Kitchen

Country cottage kitchen has all 21st century looks and units. They may have freestanding furniture, stone floors. In these kitchens appliances may be set as in traditional styles or may be hidden. Standing furniture may include larder cupboard and a dining table, to give the kitchen a farm house like look. Worktops may be of granite or terracotta flooring.

2. Contemporary Kitchen

If you want to have a contemporary kitchen, then make sure that your space is quite modern and you have all latest modern appliances. It may have rich wood finishes and luxury gloss. Surfaces must be wrapped around so that worktop and sink may be splashback linked. As a choice of appliances you may opt free standing cookers, in drawer dishwashers.

3. Shaker Look Kitchen

Shakers Kitchen was originated from a religious breakaway sect in Manchester, and due to its use of shaking motions, the name ‘Shakers’ was given to it. Though they give your kitchen a traditional look, but they can also be fitted in contemporary styles or you may use freestanding furniture. If you like country look, then you may use Shakers kitchen.

4. Perfect Victorian Kitchen

For perfect Victorian Kitchen you may follow some tips, like for this you must find a space for a dresser, choose a handsome dining table, choose all authentic accessories, add colour and warmth to your kitchen.

5. Conversion Kitchen

Conversion kitchens are made in period rooms, which might have been living rooms of the house. For this you may have to combat fireplaces, wobbly floors, high ceilings, awkward angles. While designing conversion kitchens you must not try to hide its periodic features.

6. Free-Standing Kitchen

If you are having quite open or on show kitchen then you may use wall units with doors, for more lightning you may use glass with light reflecting feature. You may use long bar for hanging utensils and herb bottles, with this you may keep everything in your hand.