Bathroom Renovations

Potters follows a step-by-step procedure throughout all of our bathroom renovations. This detail oriented approach maintains a high standard to every project and ensures a smooth experience and outcome for our clients.

Undertaking any renovation is a large task, and we know that you'll have a lot of questions. To help we outlined our full renovation process, so that you may better understand how we ensure your renovation is perfect.

Consultation & Design

One of our highly experienced team of designers will meet with you at your most convenient time, either at your home or at our showroom to consult with you to understand everything you dream of in your new bathroom and discuss a range of design solutions.

Before starting the renovation process Potters prepares a detailed design layout, including all fixtures and fittings, in addition your choice of tiles colours are finalised along with items like paint, vanity and bench tops.

Construction related work usually commences after 4 weeks to signing date - We then begin your dream bathroom renovation, co-ordinating all trades as and when required.

Demolition & Signage

As a first step we install a skip bin on-site and signage in front of the construction site about the works. To prevent any damage and minimise mess we first lay drop sheets and protective material throughout any access areas zones. We can then safely strip-out pipes (with pipes sealed), remove old toilets, showers, baths, vanities and tiles from the wall or ceiling.

During this initial stage of demolition we will only remove fixtures and fittings that are essential to making way for your new bathroom. This may include unused or changeable items from your old bathroom, such as old towel rails, toilets seats, windows, cornices, bath item, vanities, etc.


After completing demolition, the frames and all wood related work are installed by our expert qualified carpenters. All rotten and decomposed areas are identified and reconstructed. Mount points are installed, along with doors, windows, racks, towel rails, toilet rolls, etc.

Plumbing & Electrical

According to the proposed design our expert qualified plumber is instructed and fits all your selected and purchased vanities, taps, cisterns, toilet, etc. In short, the plumber installs all noggins and approved structural supports. Lastly the plumber tests all lines for pressure, making sure all your pipes are flowing correctly.

With the help of a detailed electrical layout our expert qualified electrician then completes all wiring work. Installing all required circuits, mounting backing plates for power points and installing all purchased electrical fixtures and equipment such as light and fans. All circuits and equipment are fully tested to ensures all fittings are done according to Australian standards.

Sheeting, Waterproofing & Tiling

By now your dream bathroom is really starting to come together as next the walls, ceiling and floor sheeting is installed.

Before starting any final sheeting work, your renovation project manager ensures that all previous tasks have been completed and are in full working order as after sheeting installation it is highly difficult to change out any essential works.

With everything approved the sheeting commences, this involves attaching the sheets and joint plastering. Sheeting installation is followed by waterproofing which although it is the simplest step, must be done to perfection, as water leakage may result in corrosion and rotting. Tiling is done after waterproofing with the correct mixture of cement and sand. Our expert tradespeople are always keeping an eye on the finer details ensuring a proper sloop on the floor towards drainage, this helps limit any possible corrosion and ultimately provides for a cleaner and safer bathroom, free of water patches and slipping hazards.

Defect Inspection & Rectification

As a final step, our experts check and test the complete installation of all fixtures and fitting, and if any defect is identified it is rectified by the appropriate tradesperson.

This attention to detail and high standard of workmanship throughout all of Potter's renovation projects has resulted in thousands of happy clients through the years. It is our aim to ensure you a delighted with your newly renovated bathroom, kitchen or laundry that you can't help but show it off to your friends and family, as we are delighted when our clients refer us on.

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